Track Name: beautiful girls/stand by me
Played: 35392 times

One Direction (mostly Niall and Liam) singing “Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me” in Madrid [11/07/2014]

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Track Name: Torn
Artist: One Direction
Played: 61131 times

Torn - One Direction

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Track Name: harry during right now
Played: 20771 times

Harry’s solo in “Right Now” 6/14

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Track Name: Will you marry me, darling?
Artist: Harry Styles
Played: 95905 times

Harry: “Will you marry me, darling?” 6/22/14

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Track Name: Human Nature
Artist: Liam & Niall
Played: 30716 times

Liam and Niall singing “Human Nature” in Madrid, 11/07

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Track Name: What would you do if you were a girl for a day?
Played: 53966 times

Liam: Harry Styles, you got an answer for us. What is it?

Harry: I’d do Niall.

Liam: Oh god… Well that’ll be all over twitter in the morning, front page of The Sun. (x)

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Track Name: La La La You're Fabulous
Artist: Harry Styles
Played: 16010 times

Harry: “La la la.. You’re fabulous!” 7/2/14

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Track Name: Viva la Vida
Played: 34572 times

The boys singing “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay during the concert in Italy - 6/07

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Track Name: Eighteen
Artist: Natida N (britsandnoodles/onedirectionaudio)
Played: 742 times

quick cover of “eighteen” by 5 seconds of summer cause lucas is now eighteen

the ending is a bit rough but hey

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Track Name: Wake Up Call
Artist: Zayn Malik
Played: 32915 times

Download The 1D Degree App by Nabisco and Get a Wake Up Call from 1D  (+)

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