Track Name: WWA Mashup Song
Artist: One Direction
Played: 82932 times

WWA Mashup Song (without the intro video music)

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Track Name: if it makes you feel alive YEAAAH
Artist: Liam Payne
Played: 3114 times

Liam in “Alive” (x)

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Track Name: I Love KFC
Artist: One Direction
Played: 61866 times

Lyrics: I love KFC, because it tastes so good tonight
da da dun x2, it’s chicken chicken chicken,
I love KFC (OH!), *gibberish*, CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN,
*gibberish* made out of lies, my je ne sais quoi and a little humble pie,
cause i love chicken and that’s what I gotta say *gibberish*,
all I gotta *gibberish* I LOVE KFC!!!! OHOHHOHOH
chicken chiCKEN CHICKEN
*more gibberish* *more chicken* *screams*

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Track Name: Louis talking about the chill bus
Artist: Louis Tomlinson
Played: 22188 times

Louis: Yeah, I suppose. Y’know, me and Zayn spend a lot of time on the bus and it’s just, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s almost like a little escape— that little back lounge that we sit in, because y’know, [with] like, there’s mine and Zayn’s security, Alberto and Preston, and Don the driver. 
Zayn: It don’t change no matter where it is in the world.
Louis: Yeah exactly. It’s not like a different hotel room, a lonely place, [and] it’s just an easier way for me to deal with it all.
Ben: What? So, you’ll get quite lonely if you sat in a hotel room?
Louis: Oh, definitely! I can’t really do on me own time. I have to have someone’s attention [weird cackle].

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Track Name: fireproof
Artist: (guitar version)
Played: 23767 times

"Fireproof" (guitar cover)

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Track Name: Back For You
Artist: Acapella
Played: 5167 times

"Back For You" (Acapella)

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Track Name: little white lies
Artist: Niall Horan
Played: 7032 times

Niall’s solo in “Little White Lies” 9/23/14

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Track Name: Thinking Out Loud (Cover)
Artist: scottishkiwis/onedirectionaudio
Played: 1028 times


i was messing around and recorded this little cover of me singing “thinking out loud” by ed sheeran


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Track Name: Niall... breathing
Played: 30332 times

Niall breathing for 14 seconds

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Track Name: Any dads or boyfriends?
Artist: Harry Styles
Played: 28964 times

Harry: “Any dads or boyfriends? 25/9 in New Orleans 

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