Track Name: Little Things (Acoustic)
Artist: One Direction
Played: 58711 times

Little Things Acoustic - Toyota Vios Interview (x)

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Track Name: MORE BOOKS
Played: 47033 times

Harry: “I think we need some more books” (x)

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heading to their concert 😁
what are y’all up to

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Track Name: I almost wore MY wedding dress
Artist: Harry Styles
Played: 51182 times

Harry: “ that would’ve been awkward. but that’s a different story…” 

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Track Name: Can't find the Birthday Girl
Artist: Harry
Played: 30598 times

 Harry: “…Where did you go? Where did you gooo? Did you move?? Nooo… what?! Oh, she’s there! Okay.” 

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Track Name: Eric: It's my birthday. Niall: Awwwww!
Artist: Niall Horan
Played: 17706 times

Eric: “It’s my birthday!”

Niall: “Awwwww!”

Nashville - 8/19/14

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Track Name: Recording from Zayn's mic during Strong
Played: 15175 times

Recording of Zayn’s Mic: Strong

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Liam covering MJ’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” | August 13, 2014 (via paynekink)

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Track Name: Harry's X-Factor Audition (Isn't She Lovely)
Played: 167577 times

Harry’s X-Factor Audition: “Isn’t She Lovely” if sung now (low pitch)

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Track Name: Harry Styles
Artist: Harry Styles
Played: 26401 times

Harry: I got squirted yesterday.

Grimmy: Did you Harry?

Harry: I was driving through London and these 2 guys pulled up next to me at the traffic lights and just squirted me in the face.

Louis: Yeah I just bought some waterguns.

Too noisy to make out something like “did they look like louis?” 

Harry: These two like grown men who were clearly just going…..

Harry: I felt so degraded afterwards.

Harry: I got squirted in the face.

Louis: *Sarcastic Laugh*

EDIT: Here’s a link to the entire interview with high quality audio - (x) BBCR1

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